Hydro Flask Seasonal
Color Launches
Challenge: How can we build brand equity around Hydro Flask’s seasonal color launches
Real: Hydro Flask is widely considered a colorway leader and innovator in the industry

Beautiful: Color imbues our experiences, memories, our loves, our dreams    
Expression: Explore, celebrate, and protect the places that inspire Hydro Flask’s new colors

Roadmap: Streaming TV, online video, paid and owned social, display, retail, website, e-comm
Results: 184.3M impressions, 58.8M views, 805K unique visits to web post launch

Kona Results

88.5 million impressions
18.2 million video views
458K visits to color page

Sedona Results

      95.8 million impressions
     40.6 million video views
     347K visits to color page

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