Hydro Flask Influencer Content Challenge: How do we fill content pipeline on brand, and outperform Yeti’s bigger budgets?
Real: Hydro Flask fans and ambassadors best personify the brand’s joyful, diverse, engaging side.

Beautiful: Active people who are called to nature are a big, sharing, helpful community.    
Expression: Themed extensions of Let’s Go! platform, giving voice to artists, athletes, guides.  

Roadmap: Streaming TV, online video, paid social, influencer display, retail, website, e-comm
Results: 15.4 million impressions, 9.9 million video views, 32% video completion rate.

How We Go
A series where we followed Hydro Flask brand ambassadors and learned tips and tricks to get inspired to get outside.

            24 How We Go Episodes Total

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     15.4 million impressions

     9.9 million video views

     32% video completion rate

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