“Elevate Everywhere” 2023 Campaign 

Founders Cy Cain and Casey Richwine, as well as the rest of Straightaway Cocktail’s team of libation wizards, insist on curating every ingredient and crafting every recipe until it’s astonishingly good. Which is probably why something fantastic happens whenever people gather with Straightaway products in hand. North asked beloved visual artist/director Holly Andres to witness the elevated happenings with a real cast of characters from all walks of Portland life. The result is an integrated, paid mixed-media campaign that has helped push Straightaway direct-to-consumer online sales to double that of the previous year. Musical artist Megan Diana provided the sublime vibes that soundtracked one of our favorite projects in ages.     

Mixed Media Campaign: Youtube Pre-roll, paid digital and social posts, out-of-home, print, retail

Straightaway Maker’s Story

Cy and Casey like to say they’re cocktail nerds and that’s why Straightaway’s products are so good. Our alternate theory is that they made a grand bargain with Lucifer Sam, trading ancient recipes and bartenders’ souls at an unmarked Portland four-way. But the truth is probably somewhere in between, so that’s the story we told inspired by Straightaway’s delightfully unique packaging style. Written, animated, scored by North in-house.

Owned and paid media launch, video, social statics and gifs