You can’t fake joy. Hydro Flask is proof. They attract a certain kind of hopeful dreamer, lovers of places with no roofs or walls, honest seekers. In 2017, we developed a creative platform to connect with those very people. The rallying cry became, simply: Let’s Go! Every day since, we’ve worked as a team with Hydro Flask to make good on the brand’s promise of a healthy, fulfilled life outdoors.   

Lil’ Hydro

Getting back to some old school advertising basics with Hydro Flask, North pitched a strategy to bring the brand’s original expression of joy to full-dimensional life. We figured Lil’ Hydro had done enough time in 2D. Freedom, and a world of adventure called.       

Campaign conceived and written by North. “Gym” produced by AfterAll; directed/edited by Jesse Rosten. “Poolside” “Beach Day” “Footy Pickup” produced by North; directed/edited by Mark Ray; edited by Blake Caudle, KC Cory Touschner; animated by Kory Jones; music by John Askew. 

Summer Color Launch: Kona, Hawaii

Brand ambassador, pro surfer, biologist, and Big Island resident Cliff Kapono shares why the beautiful, wonderous place he calls home inspired the season’s new colors from Hydro Flask. 

“How We Go” Ambassador Profiles

Video assets for paid and organic social, featuring Hydro Flask’s network of Brand Ambassadors

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“Why We Go” Profiles

Video assets for paid and organic social content, featuring true personal stories of access, inclusivity, and emotional transcendence in the outdoors.  

Why We Go playlist (21 episodes)

Parks For All Grantee Profiles

Video documentaries featuring stories of Hydro Flask’s Parks For All grantees, non-profits who create access for all to the world’s parks and public green spaces. 
Parks For All Grantee Profiles playlist (9 episodes)

Art Imitates Life / Limited Product Launches

Video assets for paid streaming and social channels, promoting limited edition Hydro Flask bottles with curated art by creative influencers. 

Let’s Go! Song Behind-the-Scenes


“Let’s Go” brand platform, channel and media strategies: North + Hydro Flask
Creative Development: North + Hydro Flask Brand Design
Film Direction & Production: North, Meg Halski, Bill Ballard, Kristin Roberts
Cinematography & Photography: Charlie Balch, Mark Halski, Ben Ono
Editorial: Kyle Stebbins, Riley Brown, Ryan Douglass, North
Music: North, John Askew, Laura Gibson, Dave Depper