Since 2006, we’ve been grateful to enjoy fruitful collaborations with some of the best brands on the planet. Here are some highlights, souvenirs, and ephemera of our work through the years with very smart and talented client partners.   

Clif Bar

New product launch for Clif’s Nut Butter bar. Created by North + Clif Bar, directed by Luke Perkins, produced by Food Chain Films. 

Deschutes Brewery

A short independent film celebrating the stunning locales in central Oregon that inspired the names of Deschutes Brewery’s damn tasty beers. Produced by North + Deschutes Brewery, directed by Scott Coffey, written and edited by Mark Ray, Ashod Simonian, Scott Coffey, cinematography by Chris Hornbecker, music by Cave Singers


Our client at Stanley gave us a brilliant strategy: let’s suggest our products are very well made to accomodate human vices. Written, produced, edited, scored by North

Guayaki Yerba Mate

We’re hardcore fans of Guayaki’s unique business model that replenishes the Yerba Mate plant in South America’s rainforest. It’s hard proof that capitalism works best when sustainability is prioritized over profit. When they came to us to develop a long-term brand platform, we spent many a day sharing the guord and talking about life. Those long, energized days resulted in three simple words that are now deeply embedded into Guayaki’s mission and culture: Come to Life. This ode/anthem to that idea was written, produced, and edited by North with music by midwest fuzz-rockers Colourmusic.


Nuun has a hardcore base of fervent enthusiasts. North’s job was to spread the good word and grow The Muuvement. We steered Nuun toward accessible, emotionally resonant content, showcasing happily moving (muuving) people rather than intensely sweaty, hardcore workouts. Right out of the gate, the results muuved everyone. Click-through rate increased 200% on day one and continued to exceed best expectations throughout the campaign.  

Created by North + Nuun. Produced, directed, edited by After All + North. Score by Marmoset + North.